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An elite New Mexico Marathon runner Runners make their way over the Montano Bridge at the 2002 MAD Mile. Running along with balloons
Half Marathon Map

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If you are interested in memorializing your race, be sure to purchase event photos.

We will email high resolution electronic images for $12 each. Paper printed copies are extra and include shipping and handling charges. Print options are:
8 Wallet size/Matte only
4x6 Matte/Glossy
5x7 Matte only
8x10 Matte/Glossy
8x12 Matte only
1. To purchase, click on the image you want. A larger version of the image should appear in a new window. You can find the photo number in the browser URL address line (for example, DSC_xxxx.jpg or DVCxxxxx.jpg).

2. Enter the photo number in the comment space below.

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