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2008 New Mexico Marathon Festival Online Photo Gallery
Finisher photos ordered by time of day when runners crossed the finish line
Page 1: 7:27am - 7:47am
Page 2: 7:47am - 8:01am
Page 3: 8:01am - 8:24am
Page 4: 8:24am - 8:44am
Page 5: 8:44am - 9:01am
Page 6: 9:01am - 9:22am
Page 7: 9:22am - 9:46am
Page 8: 9:46am - 10:10am
Page 9: 10:10am - 10:49am
Page 10: 10:49am - 11:03am
Marathon Awards
5K Awards
Marathon Start
Half & 5K Start
Half Marathon Action
All Finisher and Event Photos are online. NOTE: There are no Half Marathon Award Photos.
Final Race Photos
August 31, 2008

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New Mexico Marathon Photos #1
New Mexico Marathon Racers Enjoy Balloons

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